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GLF Schools

Posted on: 10/05/2021


Welcome to Marvellousreads, Hammond’s new reading initiative!

Pupils will be encouraged to read books from a list of recommended texts by authors old and new. Pupils will be given a MarvellousReads loyalty card which will be stamped by their class teachers every time they read one of the listed books.

There will be two reading lists: one for LKS2 (Years 3 and 4) and one for UKS2 (Year 5 and 6). Copies of the books can be borrowed from the school or your local library or alternatively you can purchase the books yourselves. The lists can be found on the website.

The books can be enjoyed in different ways: more experienced readers can read the books independently and discuss the text with an adult; confident readers can read the book with an adult, perhaps taking turns to read, and less experienced readers can listen to the books being read to them by an adult whilst following the text and participating in a chat about the book.

The intention is that all pupils will benefit from reading a catalogue of excellent books which can be discussed with their peers and teachers in class. This should encourage a pleasure of reading, enhanced comprehension skills and the ability to engage in “book talk” with others.

Meanwhile, we will still be issuing the weekly reading certificates and those children who receive the highest echelon at the end of each term, for example Diamond last term, will have their names entered into a grand prize draw at the end of the year: the more times you reach the highest level, the more times your name will be entered and the greater the chance of winning a prize!

See the English page for lists of the MarvellousReads books and for more details on how to be a reading superhero.

Keep reading and sharing your favourite books with others.