GLF Schools

GLF Schools

Curriculum Overview

The curriculum here at Hammond School is bespoke to our children’s needs and interests. It is implemented through an engaging cross-curricular approach, underpinned by the National Curriculum.  We have created half termly learning journeys, encompassing an over-arching topic in each year group, which the lessons are guided by. These topics are rich in knowledge, memorable experiences and skills.  This allows children’s natural creativity and curiosity to flourish. 

The design of our curriculum aims to: 

  • Meet the interests and needs of our pupils and families 
  • Be meaningful and memorable, creating moments of awe and wonder
  • Open the children’s eyes to the world beyond their immediate environment
  • Inspire our children
  • Build resilience
  • Achieve excellence together 

Curriculum leads have worked together to map out the full curriculum incorporating staff’s interests and expertise, to ignite new passions and ambitions within the children they teach.   The impact of our curriculum promotes achievement, confidence, ambition and creativity.