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The Harbour

Supporting our pupils and their families

The Harbour

The Harbour is the name for our pupil and family support services in school. This includes support for special educational needs, disabilities, pupils entitled to pupil premium; family and parenting and emotional wellbeing. It also offers support to vulnerable, disadvantaged and looked after children.


How can we help?

The Harbour has a team of professionals in school with extensive expertise. Our in house team can offer a wide range of support.

The support offered by the Harbour Team includes: academic intervention, assessment and support, modifications and adaptations to learning environments, emotional literacy sessions with children, social skills groups, anxiety management for pupils, access to learning aids.  

Thrive 1 to 1 and group sessions, parenting advice, parenting workshops, financial support for trips and school uniform.

From ‘The Harbour’ we are able to refer to and access a number of external support services including; speech and language therapy, educational psychology, occupational therapy, CAMHS, bereavement and counselling services, family support services, food banks, Surrey Social Care and the Early Help Hub. 

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Accessing our support

Refers to The Harbour can be made from parents, carers, teachers, school staff and pupils.

A copy of our ‘Referral to The Harbour’ form is downloadable from our website and is available from the school office.

Once a referral is received, The Harbour Team will triage the referral and decide the best course of action, we may need to gather more information from yourself or your child’s teacher. One of our friendly team members will be in contact with you to discuss how we can help.


Our Team


Lisa Mann                         Adeline     

                                                  Lisa Mann                                                   Adeline Pilford

                                           Thrive Practitioner                                             Assistant Senco


  Miss Cotter                               Val g

                                                    Nicola Cotter                                                           Val Goggin

                                 Thrive Practitioner Senco/Deputy Head                        Thrive/Family Support Liason



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