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Burnet News Club

We are exceptionally proud to be The Burnet News Club's 'School of the year 2019 - 2020' and are pleased to continue to be a Burnet News Club school again this academic year. In addition to this, three of our Year 6 students were awarded 'Outstanding students of the year'. 

The Burnet News Club is provided by The Economist Educational Foundation and led in school by our class teachers. The Burnet News Club is a network of schools, which develop young people’s critical thinking and literacy skills through open discussions about current affairs. 

Each half term, the Burnet News Club will provide us with one theme/area in the news to research. These lessons will develop the children’s Literacy skills and provide them with the opportunity to explore a variety of opinions, enabling them to form their own. Each week, all classes will have one lesson dedicated to the Burnet News Club created specially by Economist Journalists in order to engage children with the big news items.

Many of our students have been featured in the end of term magazine due to their brilliant contributions on the online hub which is published to all schools taking part.  
Quotes from Children: 
'It's been an enlightening experience and very enjoyable. My favourite issue was 'Space Exploration' as the subject greatly interests me and opened my eyes to what may happen in the future.' Eva (Year 6) 
'The Burnet News Club was amazing because you can learn so many things in one lesson' Grace (Year 6) 

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