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New Intake 2020

Welcome to our September 2020 Year 3 intake!

We are delighted that you have accepted the offer of your child's place at Hammond Junior School, commencing September 2020 and would like to extend a warm welcome to you to our school family.

Now that you have confirmed your acceptance of your child's place and provided contact details for their nursery provision our Year 3 Leader, Mrs Gunn, will start contacting primary settings, as we do for all new intakes, to find out where your child is in their learning. We know that our Year 3 learning plans will need to be adapted this year to recap Primary learning, so that any learning missed due to the school closures is addressed.

From 22nd May and over the following few days you will receive an admissions pack, hand delivered by LVS staff, with various forms to complete and return to School. We require this registration paperwork to be returned by Friday 12th June at the latest please.   

Timelines, reminders and general Information about starting school will be uploaded regularly here on our website from 28th May onwards. General information such as calendar events, holiday, uniform and general news can be found under the relevant tabs on the rest of the website.

We find ourselves in an unprecedented set of circumstances and anticipate the possible anxiety your family may currently feel about your child's transition into Reception. Consequently we are taking this opportunity to assure you that an induction process of some kind will take place; however, currently you will understand that we cannot be specific about how and when. Schools are working within a constantly changing environment, with different versions of guidance coming from the Department for Education (DfE) on a daily basis. We therefore ask for your patience whilst we put together plans which are practical, flexible and above all mutually beneficial in supporting the best possible start to your child's school life.

We would usually have meetings with you to share information and hear from you, but there will be other ways that we can do this so that we make sure we all receive the information we need.

Every single child in the country who will start Junior school in the autumn term will be in the same position as yours. Our promise to you is that we will continue to work in partnership, wherever possible, to ensure your child's start to school is both as exciting and positive as we can collectively make it.    

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