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About the school day

At Hammond School we have a routine to our school day.

You may attend the breakfast club in the hall before school starts. The breakfast club is a fun start to your day where you can enjoy breakfast, games and time with friends. It's open 7:30am - 8:45am.

8:30am   The gates to school open at 8:30 and by 8:55 you should be in your classroom. Your bag should be stored in your locker and you should be ready for registration by 9am.  Your teacher will then take the register, you will be asked for your lunch choice if you have a school dinner, and you will be given a colour band to take with you later on into the dining hall.

9am    After registration you will have your first lesson.  This may be maths, history, geography, science, topic, PE or another lesson. On Wednesday or Thursday you will have carousel which is when you have three lessons - PE, music, French - in rotation during the morning or afternoon. For carousel you will need to wear your PE kit the whole time.

10am   Everyone in school has assembly and it happens in the school hall. Assembly may be delivered by the headteacher or deputy headteacher, by the vicar, a teacher, or by Mr Langdon for singing assembly. We may also have visitors into school to talk to you about a special topic, or to tell you about an after school club. After assembly you will have a morning break, and after break you will have your second and third lesson.

12:15pm  At lunchtime you will be asked to go straight into the lunch hall or go outside to play. You will be called into lunch by a lunchtime supervisor holding up your class name. It is important you have your colour band so the kitchen ladies know what meal you requested and has been cooked for you. During lunchtime there are lunchtime supervisors in the playground and dining hall, and also there are children nominated as Playground Ambassadors who can help you if you need it.

1:15pm  Once lunchtime has ended at 1:15pm, your teacher will take the register once more. You will have another two lessons during the afternoon. 

3:10pm   It's the end of the school day and your teacher will dismiss you. You may meet someone at the school office, or you may meet them at the school steps. If you are allowed to walk home or meet someone at an agreed meeting point, please be very careful crossing roads if you need to and walk sensibly. Also please be aware of cars and other pavement and road users!

If you have an after school club you should go to the meeting point for that club, or go to the office to meet the after school care club operators SCL.