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About the school day

At Hammond School we have a routine to our school day.

Before school we have a breakfast club. The breakfast club is a fun start to your day where you can enjoy breakfast, games and time with friends. It's open 7:30am - 8:45am.

The school gates open at 8:45am and close at 8:55am. By 9am you should be in your classroom and ready for registration. Your teacher will mark you in the class register and you will be asked your lunch choice. If you have a cooked school lunch you will have a few choices - red (normally a meat or fish choice), green (vegetarian choice), yellow (jacket potato) or pink (special diet).

After registration you will have your first lesson. Lessons may be maths, English, geography, history, topic, science, etc.  On Wednesday or Thursday you will have carousel. For carousel you will get changed into your PE kit and will do a rotation of PE, French and Music.

At 10am every day you will have assembly in the school hall. Assembly may be delivered by a class, the headteacher or deputy headteacher, by the vicar, a teacher, or by Mr Langdon for singing assembly. We may also have visitors into school to talk to you about a special topic, or to tell you about an after school club. After assembly you will have a morning break. After break you will have your second and third lesson.

At 12:15 it's lunchtime. You will be told when to come into lunch by a teaching assistant, and our teaching assistant team help in the playground and in the dining hall during lunchtime.  We also have children in school who are playground ambassadors. If you need help at lunchtime you can ask one of our teaching assistants, playground ambassadors or any other adult.

Once lunchtime has ended at 1:15pm, your teacher will take the register once more. Your next two lessons will complete your day at Hammond and you are dismissed to go home at 3:10pm.  You must make sure you meet the person who picks you up after school in the place you have agreed to meet them, or if you walk home you must walk home sensibly and directly.

If you have an after school club you should go to the meeting point for that club, or go to the office to meet the after school care club operators SCL.