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Learning in Key Stage 2

An Inspiring Curriculum


Children learn best when they are motivated, engaged and enjoying what they are doing.  At Hammond school we have developed a curriculum that continues the love for learning established within their infant settings through a broad and balanced approach. Our curriculum is based around  themes within which discrete subjects and topic areas are taught.

We help learning come alive through visits outside school, through workshops and theme weeks and  through visitors we invite in. Applying their learning in a real context helps it all to make sense and seem relevant. This is important for deep learning to occur.

Throughout our teaching and learning there is an emphasis on encouraging more independence in learning and the ability to apply what they know to a variety of contexts. The skills of how we learn are as important as what we learn at Hammond School. 

Along with increased resilience and stamina to study more in depth and at length, children grow and develop their skills throughout their time here and this supports the transition in expectations onward to secondary school.

A collaborative Approach to Learning

It is extremely important to us that we build a strong, mutual partnership with parents as we believe this supports each and every child and is the key to successful learning.

We actively encourage our parents to be involved in their child’s learning, through regular and effective communication, information about what and how your child is learning, engaging homework opportunities, and listening to and responding to concerns through our open door policy and the effective regular parent forum meetings we hold.

Over the years we have forged strong community links enabling us to offer a varied approach to learning. Getting children involved in their community through links with local business, the church, sports and musical opportunities and the Country Park nurtures a sense of community responsibility which we value. We also promote greater empathy and understanding of the wider world around us by supporting global charities and building an awareness of others less fortunate than ourselves.