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Hammond School Association

Hammond School Association or the H.S.A. is Hammond School's equivalent of a Parent Teachers Association. The association aim to raise funds to provide extra equipment or resources which the school would be unable to fund from its normal budget. Over the last 12 months the H.S.A. has raised over £11,500. This money has come from the Christmas Fair, running cake sales, selling refreshments at school events, organising discos and other events. 

Events are planned with an emphasis on providing good quality activities and entertainment for all involved - children and adults alike. All the money raised is put straight back into the school to benefit all the children. The H.S.A. funds drama and dance workshops for the children along with equipment for play and educational use. In recent years the H.S.A. has funded a new trim trail on our field and lockers throughout the school for all children.
We regularly need new committee members to help support this enthusiastic team of workers. We are an equal opportunity association and welcome men and women, those with experience of similar associations and those without, those who can come to all our meetings and those who can only come to just a few. As you can see we greatly value the support of the parents of the children at Hammond and we are always looking for new ideas to raise funds.

This page contains links to upcoming events, minutes from our meetings and letters which the children have been given in school. 

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