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September 2019

Year 4 enjoying outdoor learning. Consolidating their knowledge of place value by using natural resources to make numbers on a place value chart. Playing matching pairs; using Roman numerals and numbers. Then finally, making a human number line by ordering negative numbers through zero to positive numbers.

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Hello Yellow Day - 11th October

Year 4 dressed in Yellow to support Mental Health Day.

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International Day - October 18th

International day was a roaring success, providing the children with a further understanding of a wide range of cultures from around the world through a range of exciting activities and workshops.Throughout the day we will be providing opportunities for the children to celebrate a variety of cultures from both within the school community and throughout the wider world. Each class will be finding out about a different country and there will have the opportunity to learn a number of new skills including: music, language, food and much more. Year 3 and 5 will be taking part in drumming workshops and Year 4 and 6 will be taking part in dance workshops.

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Digestive System - January 2020

Year 4 are learning about the digestive system as part of our Science topic. Today, the children created a digestive system in groups using tights (intestines), crackers and bananas (food), orange juice (acid) and water (saliva). The children recreated the journey of the food from ingestion to excretion. Ask them if they can describe the process to you!

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Fractions Maths

In maths, Year 4 have been learning about fractions. We had a fun lesson consolidating our learning by making pizzas. We had to plan what fraction of each topping we were going to use and then make and eat a delicious fraction pizza.

Year 4 Pizza Feb 20 (1)  Year 4 Pizza Feb 20 (2)    Year 4 Pizza Feb 20 (3)   Year 4 Pizza Feb 20 (4)