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At Hammond School we believe that all children should have the opportunity to study a modern foreign language and to develop an understanding of cultures and customs other than their own. We aim to achieve this through:

·         Learning the French language ·         Studying life in France and other French speaking countries around the world ·         Celebrating the diversity of culture and language within our own school.

Our pupils learn French throughout the school from Years 3-6, taught by a specialist French teacher. Our syllabus is designed to foster an enjoyment of a foreign language whilst providing a sound base for future language learning. The following is just a taste of all we do.

In Year Three we learn good pronunciation through songs and rhymes and write our first speech to read to the class. Pupils in Year Four learn the French alphabet and improve their skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening through the topics of dates, family, pets, clothing and shopping. In Year Five we write our own weather forecasts, learn to use a bi-lingual dictionary and read and illustrate a French children’s story “La Chenille qui Fait des Trous” (The Hungry Caterpillar). In Year Six we enjoy role-play and learn how to enhance our written French, using interesting adjectives, good sentence starters, connectives and other useful language tools.

We have developed good links with local secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition to KS3 and our pupils leave us with a good core vocabulary, an understanding of basic French grammar and the skills and confidence to enjoy and excel in their language learning in Year 7 and beyond.

Spring 2019

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