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English at Hammond

At Hammond School, English is an integral part of our day to day life. It is our aim to provide a varied, engaging and enriching English curriculum which gives opportunities for expression and a development of learning.  


Reading is at the heart of the curriculum and it is an integral part of every subject. We aim to ensure that all pupils develop into fully independent, proficient, reflective readers with a love of reading. It is our intention to equip our pupils with essential reading skills and a positive, enthusiastic attitude towards reading that will prepare them for the next stage of their education and life beyond school.

A reading culture is established in our school with a well-stocked, vibrant library at its centre, which provides a range of exciting and inclusive activities for all pupils and staff. We use a whole-class approach for the teaching of guided reading, choosing fresh and exciting books that challenge and engage our young readers. The texts support the teaching of critical reading skills and facilitate important discussions linked to the thought-provoking and diverse range of subjects studied in our school’s curriculum.

Recommended Books

This section contains a document listing recommended books for pupils in KS2. This is divided into year group lists and a general KS2 “classics and favourites” section. These lists are a guide only, as each child’s reading develops at a different rate so please select books that are appropriate to your child’s current ability that she/he will enjoy and benefit from reading. If you have any queries about this aspect of your child’s reading, please speak to her/his class teacher. Please see attachment document.

Reading and discussing a book with an adult supports a child’s reading development in many ways: positive, regular reading habits are established; reading fluency increases; comprehension improves; vocabulary widens; general knowledge improves and, importantly, the seeds for a lifelong love of reading for pleasure are planted.

There is a cut out, double-sided bookmark included below which contains question prompts to initiate discussion with your child about the text he/she is reading. Choose two or three questions from the bookmark to talk about with your child when you read together. See attached document called 'Reading discussion bookmark'.


Writing at Hammond is taught through a variety of exciting and creative ways. Our curriculum exposes every child to a variety of text types, encouraging an understanding of the purpose and features. By focusing on one specific text type over a course of time we are able to concentrate on the language used and developing each child’s vocabulary. At Hammond, we integrate our grammar and punctuation through our writing lessons and teach the children how they can use these techniques affectively in their own writing.


Spelling is something that is of a great importance at Hammond. Each week the children are taught a spelling rule or pattern that is highlighted as a focus for the week. This is reflected in their homework which will reinforce the spelling rule or pattern through a variety of activities.


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