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English at Hammond

At Hammond School, English is an integral part of our day to day life. It is our aim to provide a varied, engaging and enriching English curriculum which gives opportunities for expression and a development of learning.  


We aim for all children at our school to become fully independent, enthusiastic and reflective readers, a skill that remains with them throughout life. In school, the children have access to an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction books within our school library, which is continuously updated with new books to promote the children’s love for reading. At Hammond, we use a whole-class novel approach for guided reading, we choose novels that have a high level of vocabulary and will engage all readers. These novels support in the teaching of critical reading skills and enable the children to develop a deeper understanding.


Writing at Hammond is taught through a variety of exciting and creative ways. Our curriculum exposes every child to a variety of text types, encouraging an understanding of the purpose and features. By focusing on one specific text type over a course of time we are able to concentrate on the language used and developing each child’s vocabulary. At Hammond, we integrate our grammar and punctuation through our writing lessons and teach the children how they can use these techniques affectively in their own writing.


Spelling is something that is of a great importance at Hammond. Each week the children are taught a spelling rule or pattern that is highlighted as a focus for the week. This is reflected in their homework which will reinforce the spelling rule or pattern through a variety of activities.


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