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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6



6RG – Miss R Gunn (Year Lead)

6BR – Mrs B Reddick

6SM – Miss S Mulcahy 


Key Year Group Dates

10.05.19 – 13.05.19 – SATs 


Year 6 Topics

Autumn 1 – Sporting Heroes

  • The circulatory system (heart, lungs and blood)
  • Exercise/maintaining a healthy diet/lifestyle
  • Commonwealth Games
  • British Athletes/Sporting figures
  • How sport has changed over the years

Autumn 2 – On Enemy Lines

  • Causes of WW2
  • Leadership
  • Key players of WW2
  • Rationing
  • Home Front
  • Blitz
  • Dunkirk
  • VE Day

Spring 1 - Voyage into the Wild

  • Inheritance and Variation
  • Evolution
  • Charles Darwin
  • Adaptation 
  • Classification
  • Carl Linnaeus

Spring 2 – Is it a Crime? 

  • Banksy
  • Introduction of police
  • How crime has changed over time
  • The role of the police
  • Judicial system in the present day

Summer 1 – A Sugary Delight?

  • History of chocolate
  • Triangular trade system
  • Concept of slavery
  • Middle Passage
  • Equiano
  • William Wilberforce
  • British Empire

Summer 2 – Fill Your Boots With Philanthropy

  • Voluntary work
  • The changing role of philanthropy from 1800s – present day
  • Welfare State
  • Charities including the RNLI
  • Fundraising



Our PE days will be Thursday and Friday afternoons, with occasional PE enrichment sessions on a Friday morning. Children should come to school in their PE kit on the days that they have PE.



During the academic year your child will have homework each week.  This is intended to help them consolidate the learning that takes place during lesson time. It is important then that you allow your children time at home to complete these tasks and where you can talk to your child to ensure they understand the importance of them.

Each week, the children will be set pages from their CGP books (these will be set via an announcement on Seesaw), which will need to be completed by the following Friday. The children can mark it themselves at home using the answers in the back of the book. Please could you then upload a photo of their marked work onto Seesaw for their teacher to see.

Spellings will be set weekly on a Friday and tested the following Wednesday. The spellings for each half term will be uploaded onto Seesaw.

We also have a high regard at school for reading books.  All children have the opportunity to take a reading book home so please ensure that your child reads as much as they can.  One way of ensuring this, is to get your child to read aloud to you at home as much as possible.




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