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Parent Concerns

All teachers and staff across both schools work hard to ensure your children are learning well, but also enjoy their time in school. If there are any concerns or queries you may have, it is always easier to resolve these sooner rather than later and we encourage you to make contact with us.

We are very happy to meet with any parent to answer any queries or discuss the progress of your child, so do please make an appointment to see your child’s classteacher in the first instance so we can deal with any concerns quickly for you. You can do so by contacting the school office by email or phone, or by writing a note in your child's homework diary requesting the class teacher to contact you or asking for a meeting date. Your child's class teacher may also call you if they have a concern they wish to raise or issue to communicate.

If you require further assistance the concern can then be referred to the Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Miss Nadine Edwards.

If you need to discuss your concern further then Miss Edwards will advise an appointment to meet with – Nicola Cotter- Deputy Headteacher.

If Miss Cotter feels the issue needs further investigation then she will involve Mrs Parsons, Executive Headteacher.


If you need to discuss your concern further then please do make an appointment to meet with either Lee Parsons – Executive Headteacher or Nicola Cotter- Deputy Headteacher.

We adhere to guidance issued by GLF which can be found on our policies page.