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So you think you could be a Hammond Ambassador?

To be a Hammond Ambassador you have to set a good example to all the pupils in the school including the teachers. You need to make sure that all the adults think that you are responsible and trustworthy, whatever you are doing, e.g: When we have visitors, we show them around the school and it’s important that we feel confident as we’re doing it. We also get invited onto pupil consultation meetings and have to come up with good ideas. Lastly, it’s really important that we’re not being silly in front of teachers, parents or other pupils.


Our responsibility as Hammond Ambassadors is to offer teachers help if they need it, to also do things without teachers asking you to and also to be our best. Another responsibility is to make sure everyone is being looked after, for example last week a girl’s lunch was accidentally eaten by another girl, so we offered to sort it out and in the end we did and she got another lunch that she liked.

When we’re on the playground, we try to look out for some of the younger children who might appreciate an older friend. We sometimes read with children and on Team Days we look out for children who might be a bit lost or confused by the changes to the normal routines.

When we have Celebration Assemblies we show parents to their seats, hand out certificates and help tidy things away afterwards.

It’s a busy life but we enjoy it because it’s fun to be chosen for the job and it makes you feel special.


Aimee and Imy